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Specialist debt collectors dedicated to recovering your money and protecting companies from incurring further bad debt.


Are you looking for a 'debt recovery solution' that will actually visit the debtors on your behalf?

Are you tired of late payments, bad debt and poor excuses?
Would you like to know how you can stop this from happening to your company?
We will help your business prevail during the global economic downturn by optimising your cash flow.

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UK & International Commercial Debt Recovery (Dubai office now open)
Doorstep Debt Collection

Credit Check (Company & Consumer)
Company Credit Rating & Risk Reports

Credit Control & Collection
Tracing & Investigation, including Debtor Profiles

Prelegal and Legal service, including Serving Documents, Final Demand Letters and Application for County Court Judgement

Prevention of Bad Debt
Commercial Debt Avoidance (Protection & Recovery Package)
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Cost effective
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Increased cash flow
Reduced debt vulnerability
Increased financial flexibility
Reduced stress & worry


Depending on your service requirements we will
Detail each individual case, on appointment, so that we are able to tailor the service around your needs
Locate the debtor in question
Arbitrate on your behalf in order to successfully recover the bespoke monies
Ensure that each case is dealt with promptly and efficiently
Offer a professional service that is value for money
We are able to deal with all UK destinations at relatively short notice, as well as being fully prepared to investigate and recover debts internationally when required


Financial Solutions South are able to offer FREE Commercial Debt Recovery
Our fees are negotiated per case in order to ensure value for money FREE QUOTE
Alternatively take advantage of our Commercial Debt Avoidance Package designed to protect businesses from both late and non payment.
All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence
So, whatever the enquiry, contact our team in order for us to discuss the matter accordingly.



We are an established debt recovery company with a reputation for professional, effective and successful activity in the debt recovery industry.


UK & International Commercial Debt Recovery Read More
Doorstep Debt Collection Read More
Credit Checks (Company & Consumer) Read More
Final Demand Letter Read More
Telephone Collections Read More
Debtor Tracing & Investigation, including Debtor Profiles Read More
Credit Control & Collection Read More
Creditors Debt Vulnerability Reports Read More
Prelegal and Legal service, including Serving Documents, Final Demand Letters and Application for County Court Judgement Contact Us
Commercial Debt Avoidance (Protection & Recovery Package) Contact Us
Ancillary Services Contact Us


We are an established debt recovery company with a reputation for professional, effective and successful activity in the debt recovery industry. We are fully aware that each of our clients has specific requirements with regards to the recovery of payment owed to them and subsequently we tailor our services and activities to the specific requirements of our clients. Some may be wary of damaging an ongoing relationship with a major customer and require a discreet approach, whereas another may require a more forceful approach after attempts to hasten payment have been ignored or rebuffed.

In consultation with our client, we will construct an approved method of approach and contact with the debtor and provide documentary evidence of all progress and activities at every stage of the recovery process, from initial contact by letter and telephone through to face to face contact where deemed appropriate.Our client base ranges from sole trader catering operations to international haulage companies, domestic and business property management companies to advertising publications and all aspects of the construction industry. Whatever the nature of your business or the size and complexity of the debt owed to your company, We can structure a recovery program specific to your requirements to obtain the settlement of outstanding payments essential to your business operations.


Case Studies
At Financial Solutions South not only do we specialise in commercial debt recovery but we also aim to assist in an equitable solution for all your financial needs.

Overtime we have experienced many different situations and predicaments.



Vanishing Act
Happy Birthday Mr Debtor
Persistence Pays
Nice Car
It's Good To Talk
Mr & Mrs Smith
13 - "Lucky for some!"
A Reputation For Success

Financial Solutions South specialise in commercial debt recovery and commercial debt avoidance whilst aiming to assist in an equitable solution to all your financial needs.

Our agency is staffed by debt recovery specialists with many years experience in the collection of commercial debts.

We are located in Reading, Berkshire covering the whole of the Thames Valley, the South East and London. Further to this we also have branches in both the West Midlands (Tamworth) and the North West (Liverpool) offering a nationwide service with the facilities to deal internationally.

Each office is independently managed in order to ensure every client receives professional, personal and friendly service.

The founding directors have in excess of thirty years experience. Indeed we were awarded a personal commendation from Thames Valley Police in 2007 for our assistance in the local community.

As an experienced business we understand that debt collecting costs need to be a factor in deciding whether to undertake the collection of commercial debts. As debt recovery experts we know how your debtors are likely to behave if court proceedings were to be issued and the remedies available to you.

We are a debt recovery agency that believes in candid conversation,. We don't waste your time or monies when there is no prospect of recovery. Our overall aim is to carry out debt collecting with the minimum impact on your profit margins.

We are not an oversized corporate debt recovery business so consequently we understand the needs of a small/medium sized enterprise as well as that of a large corporate organisation and value your business irrelevant of the size of debt.

Further to this our experience over time has demonstrated that many of our clients are in a financial predicament that they are unable to deal with. As a result we have built a team of brokers that are able to assist our clients on possible financial solutions most applicable to their case.

Note that we only associate our company with reputable companies who are all regulated by the necessary boards applicable to their industry.

As a result we really can be the one stop shop; if there is a service that you require or financial solution needed we want to assist you.

Our aim is to be an integral support service to your business, not just your debt collectors.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How much does the debt recovery cost?
We treat each debt as a unique case but the cost of recovery varies depending on the size of the debt and the geographical location. A rough guide is a negotiated expenses fee followed by a percentage commission upon successful recovery of your debt.

What information do you require?
The more information you provide, the more efficient the debt recovery process becomes. Basic information such as the amount owed, by whom, since when, debtors address etc and copies of invoices and communications all assist us to recover your money. Additional information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is always helpful.

What happens to the information we provide?
Any information provided by you or about you is strictly confidential, stored securely and will not be divulged to any other party without your consent. We comply with all the relevant protocols and requirements of the Data Protection Act.

How do we receive payment?
Once your debtor has settled the outstanding sum in full you will receive payment, within seven working days, either by cheque or direct transfer to your company bank account.

How does the commercial debt recovery process work?
Our first step is to contact the debtor by letter instructing them of the outstanding debt and our appointment as your recovery agent. This is followed by telephone calls to confirm receipt of our letters and, where appropriate, to coincide with the telephone communication a doorstep visit with a further copy of the letter to ensure receipt. Frequently this approach leads directly to prompt settlement, however some cases require greater persistence and in these instances we will utilise all available legal avenues to encourage payment.

Why not use a solicitor to recover my outstanding debts?
A solicitor will charge you an hourly rate and if the recovery process requires arbitration or negotiation your costs can spiral out of proportion to the debt. Even a court judgement in your favour does not guarantee payment as debtors recognise that enforcement action is often inefficient and ineffective.

But what if legal action is required?
Our approved solicitors have unrivalled experience and expertise in the litigation legal process and will always advise and act according to your best interests and inform you promptly of all developments in your case.

I’m worried that a debtor may approach me during the recovery process?
Once we are acting on your behalf we instruct the debtor concerned that all correspondence is to be directed to us and no contact is to be made with you or your company. You will be provided with a contact telephone number for use outside office hours in the event of you requiring any assistance or advice.

What do I do next?
Simply complete an enquiry form or contact our office using the contact us link on our website homepage and one of our operatives will take you through the range of options and services available to you. If preferable a face to face meeting with one of our senior management team, with no obligation to yourselves, can be arranged to discuss the particulars of your case.

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