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Contact our agents directly on 0845 296 0307 and quote "Financial Solutions"

The helpline that provides free confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems.
We offer debt advice for people living in different parts of the country. This is because the law concerning debt varies depending on whether you live in England and Wales or Scotland. You can be confident that the advice we offer is targeted to you.

If you have any debt problems call us on: 0845 296 0307

Monday – Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9.30am-1pm


Welcome to the Debt part of 737373
The debt helpline provides FREE CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT ADVICE on how to deal with debt problems.

call us and we can see if you qualify for a Debt Relief Order, which is among just one option we might have for you


What is 737373 Debtline?
737373 Debtline is a national telephone helpline for people with debt problems in England, Wales and Scotland. Our service is free, confidential and independent and in partnership with Financial Solutions.

At 737373 Debtline we are committed to answering your call and then discussing your debt problems with you and the options available to you. The specialist advice that we give over the telephone is backed up with years of experince. If your circumstances meet certain criteria, we can, if you are interested, assist in setting up a Debt Management Plan or debt relief order for you, for free.

What happens when you call us?
When you call us you will speak to one of our trained advisers who will discuss your circumstances with you. We may need to ask you a number of questions, to ensure that the advice we give you is accurate. We will outline the options available to you and the pros and cons of the options that you have.
Once you have decided on a course of action we will explain to you how to take it forward.
All our calls are treated in the strictest confidence and we will not make any judgments on your situation.
You do not have to give us your personal details - you can remain anonymous if you wish.
If you need further advice after your first call, you are welcome to ring us again.
To protect our callers' confidentiality we do not use British Telecom's 'caller display' equipment so we cannot see your number when you ring us. We also have a permanent block on the 'caller return' service. Therefore, if we ring you back our number will not be announced as the last number to ring you to anyone dialling 1471.

Your phone calls may be listed on an itemised bill, so bear this in mind if someone else may see your phone bill.

We can also use an interpreter service called Language Line, allowing us to immediately access professional telephone interpreters in any of 100 languages. Interpreters are available around the clock and can be reached in just a couple of minutes to accurately translate what you and the adviser are saying to each other.

National Debtline is a member of adviceUK.
National Debtline has been awarded the Community Legal Service Quality Mark (General Help level and the Telephone Standard). www.clsdirect.org.uk
National Debtline is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association.

Callers' Comments
"You have made my life so much more bearable. Please keep this service going - the help you have given me has been a godsend."
"Excellent - very knowledgeable and reassuring."
"The advice given was extremely helpful and has given me the information needed when I attend court."
"NDL has been a friend and a lifeline - thank you."
"Following the advice given, I am gradually working my way back on top of my financial state and feel a lot happier with the position I am currently in…Many thanks."
"Keep up the good work, many, many thanks for your assistance."
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Contact Us for advice
How do I contact National Debtline?

Freephone: 0808 808 4000

Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday 9.30am to 1pm

24-hour voicemail, please leave a message to request an information pack.

FAX: 0121 410 6230



National Debtline
Tricorn House,
51-53 Hagley Road,
B16 8TP

National Debtline is part of the Money Advice Trust.

MAT Charity Registration Number 1099506. A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales, number 4741583. Registered office: Money Advice Trust, 21 Garlick Hill, London, EC4V 2AU.

If you would like to give us feedback on our website please use this form to send your comments. Thank you.


Debt Advice

England & Wales
Self Help Packs
Personal Budget Sheet
Debt options
Sample Letters
How to get your own copy of our information
Frequently Asked Questions
If you're looking for advice on a debt problem there are several ways you can obtain help and information.

PHONE US on Freephone 0808 808 4000


SEARCH our library of factsheets to find the information you need.

Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000

Section 1 | Self Help Pack
Download our self help pack that contains all the information and standard letters you need to deal with your own debt problem.

This pack shows you:

How to work out your personal budget
How to decide which debts to deal with first (priority debts)
How to work out offers of payment
How to deal with court procedures
Select the sections that are relevant to you:

Please select How to use this pack Increasing your income Working out a Personal Budget Sheet Dealing with Priority Debts Credit Debts Pull-out (draft) Personal Budget Sheet Mortgage Arrears Rent Arrears - 1 Rent Arrears - 2 Bailiffs & Rent Arrears Getting Re-housed Factsheets & Useful Contacts More about National Debtline
The pack is designed to help you to deal with your debts in a step by step way.
You should check all the sections to make sure you have all the information you need.

Or you can download the pack in it's entirety.
CAUTION: You should only download this pack if you have a fast internet connection (1.50Mb file).

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Section 2 | Factsheets
Search through our library of factsheets -

I would like information on:

Please Select Administration Orders Attachment of Earnings in the County Court Bailiffs & Council Tax Bankruptcy Can I complain about my lender? Catalogue debts Charging orders in the County Court Credit Reference Agencies Dealing with a Statutory Demand Dealing with debts in the High Court Debt Management Plan (DMP) Debt Relief Orders (DRO) Full & Final Settlement Getting a copy of your credit agreement and account details Harassment Homeless - What should I do? How can my Landlord end my Assured Tenancy? How to avoid Debt at Christmas How to deal with Hire Purchase Debt How to deal with Business Debt How to set aside a Judgment in the County Court Interest Charges after Judgment Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Liability for Debts & the Limitation Act Magistrates Court fines Mortgage Shortfalls Negative Equity - What can I do if I want to move house? Options for paying back your debts Parking penalties in the county court Reducing Payments or Suspending a Bailiff's Warrant on a CCJ Replying to a County Court Claim Form Review Pack for people who can't afford to pay... Review Pack for people who can afford to pay... Student Debt Time Orders Water rates arrears and water trust funds What if a Creditor refuses my offer of Payment? What to do about debt when someone dies Back to top Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000
Section 3 | Personal Budget Sheet
Complete a Weekly or Monthly Personal Budget Sheet

This helps you to:

See how much money is coming into your household
See how much money is going out
Work out affordable offers to creditors
Plan your future spending
If you require any further help please call us on 0808 808 4000.

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Section 4 | Debt options
There are lots of ways in which you can deal with your debts. There may be an option that works for you depending upon your circumstances. If you want more advice about any of the options, phone us for advice.

Look at what options you may have for paying back your debts which we have set out with an explanation of how each option works and what the advantages and drawbacks are for each option. Options for paying back your debts

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Section 5 | Sample Letters
This section is designed to generate letters and send them to your creditors.

Please select a letter from the drop down menu below, then choose from either 'view letter' to see an example, or 'write letter' to complete the template for your chosen letter.

Please be aware, if you have a 'pop-blocker' active on your browser so that you prevent annoying windows popping up, this may prevent you from viewing the sample letters. Should this happen we recommend you temporarily disable your 'pop-blocker' to view the letters.

Please select a letter Ask your creditors to hold action on your account Ask your creditors to accept pro rata offers of payment on your debts Ask your creditors to accept a token payment or no payments on your debts When a creditor refuses your offer of payment When a creditor refuses to freeze interest on your account When a creditor has turned down an offer of payment, interest is still being added, and you want the creditor to take you to court When creditors have turned down an offer of payment, interest is still being added but you don't want to go to court When a creditor asks you to agree a voluntary charge against your home Request for a stay of execution in the High Court Full and final settlement letter for any debt Ask your creditors to write off the debt due to your circumstances Ask your creditors to reconsider if they refuse to write off the debt Dispute your liability for a debt where a creditor has not contacted you for over six years You want a copy of your credit agreement/statement of the account and the creditor has refused to send you a copy Mortgage shortfalls: Breakdown of balance owed Mortgage shortfalls: Please write off the debt Mortgage shortfalls: Full and final settlement letter Mortgage shortfalls: Lender should not pursue under CML policy Inform your creditor that you are terminating your hire purchase/conditional sale agreement Ask your bank to pay particular bills out of your account from money you have paid in To complain to debt collection agencies who are pursuing you when you do not owe the debt Letter to your lender if you have a complaint before contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service 

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Section 6 | How to get your own copy of our information
You can view the self help pack, factsheets and sample letters on line.
You can download them and print them off.
You can ask us to send you the materials by emailing National Debtline through the "contact us" section on this website or by ringing the helpline 0808 808 4000.
Don't forget to include your name and address.

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Section 7 | Frequently Asked Questions
Search through our library of Frequently Asked Questions to see if there is an answer relevant to you.

Contact Us

England & Wales
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Our apologies, National Debtline.

How do I contact National Debtline?
FREEPHONE: 0808 808 4000
Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday 9.30am to 1pm
24-hour voicemail. Please leave a message to request an information pack or factsheet.

FAX: 0121 410 6230


National Debtline
Tricorn House,
51-53 Hagley Road,
B16 8TP

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For debt advice, please complete the form below to send us your details. We aim to respond to email enquiries within seven working days.

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IMPORTANT:If you would like information to be sent to you by post you must include your address in the message to us.


Please supply as much detail about your situation and the nature of your enquiry as possible. This will allow National Debtline to give useful advice in return.

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We can only provide advice that relates to the current law on debt related issues in England, Wales and Scotland.

We assume that by making an enquiry by e-mail that you agree to us replying to the e-mail address that you have given us. Please be aware that our e-mail software allows National Debtline to view the return e-mail address that you have given us. You need to be aware that our reply may not be completely confidential if you share an e-mail address at home or at work. Beware: The National Debtline address maybe automatically recorded in your e-mail address book. You can help to protect your anonymity by using a web mail address such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Data Protection
We guarantee that any information you give us about your situation will be kept strictly confidential. We keep your enquiry on our system for 6 years under Data Protection Act Guidelines. You have the right to request a copy of your file by writing to National Debtline. Please contact us if you do not want us to keep your details on file. If we do not hear from you we will take it that you agree to us doing so.

Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000

Useful links

Advice & Consumer Organisations
Ombudsmen & Regulatory Bodies
Trade Associations
Credit Reference Agencies
National Debtline weblinks policy
Feel free to contact us to suggest a website link but take a look at our weblink policy first.
If you need further help, this section contains contact details for a number of free helplines, advice and consumer organisations, benefit helplines, ombudsmen, regulatory bodies, trade associations and credit reference agencies who may be able to give you more advice and assistance

National charity working with families affected by drugs and alcohol
Tel: 020 7553 7640

Age Concern
Information and advice on issues affecting older people
Tel: 0800 00 99 66

Age Concern MoneyTrail
Free interactive guide for working people to planning ahead for retirement

Business Debtline
Tel: 0800 197 6026

Tel: 0800 1111

Day by Day helpline
Tel: 0844 477 9400

Dial UK
Tel: 01302 310 123

Tel: 0800 917 8282

Gamblers Anonymous
Tel: 020 7384 3040

Advice on gambling issues
Tel: 0845 600 0133

Tel: 0800 018 5026

Help the Aged
Tel: 0808 800 6565 Seniorline

Lone Parent Helpline
For advice on maintenance, benefits and money
Tel 0800 018 5026

Information and support on mental health problems
Tel 0845 766 0163

National Domestic Violence Helpline
For domestic violence
Tel: 0808 2000 247

Tel: 0845 1 30 40 16

Rights of Women
For legal advice for women
Tel: 020 7251 6577

Tel: 0845 790 9090

Tel: 0845 767 8000

Free housing advice helpline
Tel: 0808 800 4444

Tel: 0845 120 3779

TV Licensing
Tel: 0844 800 6732 (general enquiries)
Cash Easy Entry Scheme 08457 289 289

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Child Benefit enquiry line
Tel: 0845 302 1444

Child Support Agency Enquiry Line
Tel: 0845 7133 133

Child Trust Fund
Helpline 0845 302 1470

Pension Credit Claim Line
Tel: 0800 99 1234

Disability Benefits Enquiry Line
Tel: 0800 88 22 00

New Deal
Tel: 0845 606 2626

New Deal for Lone Parents
Tel: 0800 868 868

Tax Credits Helpline
Tel: 0845 300 3900

Veterans Agency
Veterans Helpline
Tel: 0800 169 2277

Winter Fuel Payments Helpline
Tel: 0845 915 1515

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Advice & Consumer Organisations
Tel: 020 7407 4070

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative ways of solving disputes to court action.

Citizens Advice

Community Legal Advice
Directory of agencies providing legal advice in your area.
Helpline 0845 3454 345

Consumer Direct
Helpline for consumer problems
Tel: 0845 404 0506

Housing Corporation
Tel: 0845 230 7000

IFA Promotions for a list of Independent Financial Advisers
Tel: 0800 0853 250

Institute of Money Advisers (IMA)
Trade association for money advisers. Does not give advice to members of the public.
Tel: 0845 094 2384

Law Centres Federation
Tel: 020 7428 4400

Money Claim Direct
Issue claims in the county court on line

National Consumer Council
Tel: 020 7730 3469

Telephone Helplines Association
Provides information on helplines
Tel: 0845 120 3767

Tel: 01992 822 800

Back to top Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000
British & Irish Ombudsman Association
Lists ombudsmen and complaint handling bodies
Tel/fax: 020 8894 9272

Energy Supply Ombudsman
(For complaints on billing and supply transfer issues)
Tel: 0845 055 0760

Energy Watch (OFGEM)
Tel: 0845 906 0708

Financial Ombudsman Service
Tel: 0845 080 1800

Financial Services Authority
Consumer Helpline
Tel: 0845 606 1234

Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Tel: 020 7892 7300

Local Government Ombudsman
Advice Line
Tel: 0845 602 1983

The Law Society Consumer Complaints Service
Tel: 0845 608 6565

Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
Tel: 0845 722 4499

Office of Communications (OFCOM)
Tel: 0845 456 3000

Office of Telecommunications Ombudsman Service (OTELO)
Tel: 0845 050 1614

Office of Water services (Ofwat)
The regulating body for water customers in England and Wales
Tel: 0121 625 1300 (OFWAT)

The Consumer Council for Water
For complaints about water companies
Tel: 0845 039 2837

Parliamentary Ombudsman
Investigates complaints about Government Departments
Tel: 0845 015 4033

The Equality and Human Rights Commission
Helpline 0845 604 6610
Disability helpline 08457 622 633

The Information Commissioner's Office
For data protection issues
Tel: 08456 30 60 60

Back to top Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000
Trade Associations
Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies
Tel: 01924 350 090

British Bankers Association
General enquiries 020 7216 8800
Contact via website

Building Societies Association
Tel: 020 7437 0655

Consumer Credit Association UK
Tel: 01244 312 044

Consumer Credit Trade Association
Tel: 0845 257 1166

Council of Mortgage Lenders
Tel: 0845 373 6771

Credit Services Association
Tel: 0191 286 5656

Direct Selling Association
Tel: 020 7497 1234

Enforcement Services Association
Tel: 0117 907 4771

Finance & Leasing Association
Tel: 020 7836 6511

Mail Order Traders' Association
Tel: 0207 735 3410

Back to top Phone us for advice 0808 808 4000
Credit Reference Agencies
Tel: 0870 010 0583

Tel: 0870 241 6212

Tel: 0870 060 1414

Business Debtline

The helpline that provides free, confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems.

So that we can provide you with the best possible advice, we need you to tell us which country you are living in. This is because the laws concerning debt vary depending on whether you live in England & Wales or Scotland. You can be confident that the advice you're looking for is targeted to you.

Simply choose either the words England and Wales or Scotland by clicking on it and you will access all the information and advice available on this site.