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Founded in 2009, 737373 is a sourcing company. We are exclusive U.K. distributors of many of the latest Phones, Mp3 and Mp4 players on our site..

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 Until site is built, please use our sister company


737373 mission is simple. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality direct manufacturing and sourcing with unparalleled speed and efficiency at cost-saving prices.
.For retail/sample purchase you can order from our Retail Section.


Have a question about ordering?

Or just have a question for 737373 regarding China Imports? Read the FAQ / Policy Page below.

For More Wholesale Information or Order Status, Please email us. NOTE: we now enter your tracking information into your account - login to view your USPS.com or HongkongPost.com tracking number.

737373 Electronics Wholesale FAQ / Policy Section:

Q: Do you ship to the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand?

A: Yes, we do! If you are a non-UK customer we cannot accept your credit card directly through site; But you can check out using a verified paypal account. Or, ask us to send bank wire details (take 5% off). ALL products on site have free shipping worldwide!
Q: Do you have 1-3 day shipping?
A: No. Shipping takes 8-14 days on average. Most orders are special ordered as our stock sells out fast.

Q: I just want to buy one, to try it out, can I just get one?

A: Yes. For Retail/Sample purchases, you can purchase directly from our SAMPLE/RETAILsection.

Q: Are the prices listed for the whole lot or per piece?

A: Prices shown are per piece/ per unit. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) are built into the cart. The prices on the site are the Per Unit price / Per Piece price including shipping. Once you add the lot to your cart, the total lot amount will be shown. We have added 10pc / 20pc / 30pc lot categories and product numbers for easy ordering.

Q: I wanted a 30 piece lot, but wanted to mix up the colors. Can I mix colors?

A: Yes, you can mix colors in a multi-color lot. During Checkout, just write note in the "order notes" section. For example, you can write "15 white, 15 black, 5 Gold."

Q: Do you Dropship?

A: Yes, We Do. But, For Wire Transfer Order Only. We can dropship but not for order paid for using Credit Card - bank wires only on drop shipping orders. We can only ship to your billing address when a credit card is used.

Q: Which bank do I wire to? What is your Account Information?

A: You can take 5% off and wire the remainder. Please send us an email if you would like this option and we will send you bank information.

What is the Cost of Dropshipping? Drop Shipping Singles Orders (for example, 1pc Cell phone) to your Customer from costs around £15 with delivery signature.

If you want to drop ship you can deduct 5% for doing a bank wire and then add the £17 per unit drop shipping fee total onto wholesale 10pc/20pc/30pc lot total.

i.e.: To find out the wire total, if the discounted (after 5% is deducted) order total for 10pcs Cell phones was £1500,you would add (£17 x 10pcs) £170 +£1500 = £1670 total dropshipped to 10 different addresses.

Q: How long does it take for me to get my order?

A:8-14 business days. We do not offer next day shipping; please do not order if not will to wait up to 2 weeks.

a: Shipping Summary (Fastest to Slowest):

Bank Wire Tranfer (details above)- 4-7 Day delivery - PLUS - Take 5% off due to saved credit card transaction fees! - Contact us via Email for Bank Wire Instructions.

Credit Card = 8-16 days.

Q: Are there any discounts on larger orders?

A: Yes, 5% discounts on bank wire transfers. We are able to pass on credit card processing fees and China direct shipping savings on to the customer. Contact us for bank details.

Do Remember - 5% adds up!

Q: Return Policy?

A: Return / Repair Policy;ALL SALES Final. Please do your research and ask any questions Before purchasing if not sure.

Products and product accessories come with a 1 month functional warranty, 3 month manufacturer's warranty. We are not the manufacturer but we are a sourcing company. All Sales Final so please make sure to email us and ask us any questions before placing your order.

IMPORTANT: In the event that product needs to be repaired, buyer pays for shipping back to ChinaGrabber manufacturer in China and we re-ship new units or we repair the units depending on the condition of items sent to us. Please inspect and test all merchandise upon receipt.

"Damaged" Products: Any "Dismantled," "marked on," or "visibly defaced" product by the customer will VOID all warranties. Also, for Mp3 Mp4 players please DO NOT FLASH firmware upgrades even if player may come with firmware update software / programs. Reformatting a player (click on link)can help re-set a player with error message.

Again, we are an American ran company so we know quality control testing is paramount to earning returned customer support.

Q: What forms of Payment do you Accept? Can I open an account?

A 1: For UK Customers - Yes, We accept credit card transactions ( Visa, Mastercard) - We do not accept American Express directly through our site.
a) Alternately, US Customers can check out using checkout.google.com (Google Checkout is also built into our shipping cart - click logo).

b) Take 5% off for doing a bank wire transfer. Email us for bank wire instructions.
A 2: For Non-US Customers - NO, we can only accept bank wire (take 5% off). DO NOT try using a NON-USA credit card. Your payment will be declined and we will delete your account as payment attempt will be considered fraudulent

Also, for non-US customer please remember to select "Int'l Customer" when registering on ChinaGrabber.com Site.
Alternately, US Customers ONLY can checkout using checkout.google.com - (Google Checkout is also built into our shopping cart).

Note: Bank wires are the fastest way to get your items to you (in 3-6 days) is via Bank Wire transfer - Plus you can deduct 5% from the total wire amount. We do not share any customer info with 3rd parties and only have secure playement methods.

Q: I Checked out using "Bank Wire Transfer" as method of payment, but the cart did not decduct the 5%. Also, can you re-send me the info again?

A: Yes, you will need to deduct the 5% yourself and wire the remainder in $USD. Remember when you checkout to "Print" your confirmation page out and take it to the bank.

Q: Do you ship to the UK, Europe, Canada, or Non-US countries?

A: Yes, we ship international orders - Shipping is included worldwide. Make sure when you register on ChinaGrabber.com that you register as an "Int'l Customer." Otherwise, it will not allow you to enter your correct State/ Province.

How can you tell if the mp4 player really has 4GB of memory?

A: Great Question! - All 737373 products are guaranteed to be exactly as advertised. The easiest way to see if a memory card or mp4 player has fake memory is to "reformat" it. The actual size of memory will appear after device is re-formatted. Buyers must be carefull of deals that seem to be "to good to be true."

Q: I am calling because I would like to place an order over the phone....

A: Sorry. Everything on 737373 should be able to be done online. Please checkout online first and if you still have a question, plese email us.

Q: Do you ship to PO Boxes / APO addresses / Apartments etc?

A: Possibly. We only ship to these types of addresses if you pay by Bank Wire.

NOTE: When using a credit card, please make sure that you use a verified billing address that is Not a PO Box and preferably not an appartment - we can ship to appartments but you will need to check to see if any delivery notice is left and pick up at post office if not at appartment. If you are sending to an appartment, then please specify in order notes. Remember if your name on the account and the billing address is not verified then we will be forced to refund your order or our card processor will automatically decline your card.

Q: Do you have a resellers program?

A: Yes, 737373 is a site for resellers! This means you will be reselling many electronics including the DigitalRise brand Phones, Mp3, and Mp4. We only will consider a sole distributorship in non-UK mainland territories.

We recommend you try a 10pc Wholesale Electronics / Phone lot first then move up from there!

REMBER - If you really need to contact us regarding an order placed then EmailUs.

Make sure to use a descriptive email heading / title as we get hundreds of emails every day! Remember to join our MAILING LIST for updates on wholesale specials.

Your Continued Support is greatly appreciated!

737373 China Export Team