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Here at 737373 we are in a postion to offer a number of different Telecommunications options to the public from free phone to premuim rate numbers. for information on the different options we have available then please contact us to discuss your options.

We are a big leader in Personal Numbers, which are generally used by Individuals to Route Calls to a UK Mobiles and UK Landlines.

070 Phone Numbers Personal Numbers
Thanks to this revolutionary new technology it is now possible to always be contactable on a single phone number even if your at work, home, on the move or even abroad! With an 070 number your calls will "Follow You" wherever you go!

How do 070 numbers work?
070 Numbers simply route calls to your current personal phone numbers, so when someone calls you on your 070 number their call is diverted to one or more of your current phone numbers this can include both landlines and mobile phones. 070 phone numbers are called "Follow Me" as if there's no answer on the first number the call can be re-directed to up to 2 others!

This could be your partner, colleague, secretary or another one of your personal phone numbers. Our 070 numbers can even be programmed on a time scale so that calls in the evening or weekend can be re-diverted to an alternative phone number or simply blocked.

070 Phone Number Benefits...
You NEVER need to change your phone number ever again
Day to day and time scale call diversion is available
070 Numbers keep your personal numbers private
Only 1 phone number is needed to advertise making it clearer and cheaper
Ideal for businesses with high staff turnover as 070 numbers can be easily re-routed


070 Flexible Follow-Me Numbers

In today’s flexible business environment business executives need to be just as flexible. What could be better than flexible services to help support him? The answer? A flexible telephone number that can be programmed to follow him and constantly keeping him in-touch. 
We provide a service that puts you in control of where you want your in-coming calls to go. New and existing clients will be able to contact you wherever you want them to, your office for when you are office-bound, your mobile for when you are on the move, and your home for when you want to give them that ‘out of hours’ extra personal touch. We will give you the control to decide, enabling you to remain contactable at any time to suit you wherever you maybe, to suit the needs of your business.
Your flexible follow-me number will contact your usual contact numbers in any order that you set and you change that order at any time you choose as you have control.
The charges to your customer.

Standard charges from a BT line to 070 numbers (calls from other networks, mobile and international networks may vary);

° 35p (peak)
° 35p (evening)
° 35p (weekend)

All our numbers can receive calls from international destinations. You do not pay to receive calls, all received calls are free from this service. All prices inc VAT.